VOD Toolkit

If you prefer editing your VODs and broadcasts offline this is a great solution for you. This VOD Toolkit will allow you to download your VOD and convert it to mpeg4 format if needed.


FightCade Stream Utility v0.5 (9/8/2017)

This small tool will create two files (player1.txt, player2.txt) containing the usernames of the players currently engaged in the match you are spectating/participating in.

This is extremely useful for streamers that wish to place the usernames in a larger/custom font on their stream. Those streamers can now simply add a text from file source in their scenes for minimal effort updating!


Fightstick Input Display v0.4

LATEST UPDATE: 7/4/2017 - Direct Input support

If you need a sleek overlay to display your inputs while playing fighting games you should check this out. If you are using a DirectInput pad or stick you'll need to use an XInput wrapper.